Friday, February 15, 2013

PTI Accessory Challenge: Interchangeable Onesie Intro.

For PTI's Homemade Accessory Challenge I decided to make an interchangeable onesie.  This idea sort of evolved. I first made these larger flower hair accessories, but then I decided I should make one for my niece who is due to be born any time now.  I made a smaller version of the rolled felt flower, but then I remembered how my sister didn't really start putting things in her oldest daughter's hair until she was over a year old, and I wanted this new baby to have something now.  That's when the idea for an embellished onesie popped into my head.  The only trouble was that I had more ideas for embellishments, so I decided to make it an interchangeable onesie.  I sewed a velcro square onto the onesie and each of the accessories has velcro sewed onto the back as well.  It makes it easy to change the accessories out and easy to wash the onesie.  All good things.
Sorry about the colors in this last photo, but here is what the flower looks like on the onesie. (Go to this post to see more information on the flower itself.  The only difference is that I made this flower quite a bit smaller in width and length than the ones in the previous post.) Oh, and I thought that I should mention that it's really important to use velcro withOUT adhesive on the back.  In case you're wondering, if you accidentally grab the wrong (adhesive backed) velcro one of the times you go to sew, it will gum up and ruin your sewing machine's needle, and you may have to finish sewing the rest by hand if you don't have a spare needle on hand.  Not that I did that or anything. ;)
You can see the other interchangeable accessories I made in these posts: Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.
Dies: PTI (Simple Circles)
Others: Hobby Lobby (felt, thread, velcro),  Target (onesie)

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