Sunday, October 20, 2019

Thanks 3 Ways with Technique Tuesday

Hello!  It feels and looks like autumn outside, and that always makes me happy.  Today's cards make me happy, too, because thank you cards are my favorite.  They are my favorite to create and my favorite to give.  And I had an added measure of gratitude creating with the Happy Thanksgiving Stamp Set and Turkey & Pie Crafting Dies Bundle that Technique Tuesday so generously sent to me.  As always, "quick and simple" is my motto, but I really loved the little images in the set and wanted to show the big impact repeated use of small images or small text can have on cards.  
I have always loved the Sammy the Squirrel stamp set, so I put him front and center on my card and used the in the cute little images in the Happy Thanksgiving Stamp Set to create a wreath around him. 
I knew I wanted color on my card, but honestly my eyes were too tired to color the squirrel, so I grabbed a mask (I save them with my stamp sets until they no longer stick anymore), some ink, and a blending brush and voila...big happy color in a few quick seconds.  
Anyone else get a huge amount of satisfaction pulling off a mask to reveal the whiteness beneath?  It's just so satisfying.
Oh, I almost forgot. The cardstock I used already had some colored flecks in it, but I wanted them a bit more pronounced, so I flicked on some brown ink before pulling off the mask.  This card makes me smile big.
I used the Happy Thanksgiving Stamp Set again on my next card, but I paired it with the flower from the Enjoy Layered Flower stamp set.
I wanted the flower to look a bit more like a sunflower, so I double stamped the circles in the center of the flower and added a stalk.  
This set does not come with a stalk, but that was no problem.  I simply took some post it paper and cut a slightly curvy slit down the piece of paper.  Then, I spaced the two pieces a little bit a part and blended ink in between to create the stalk.
After splattering on some brown ink, I finished the card off with a sentiment from the Happy Thanksgiving Stamp Set.
For my last card, I pulled out Technique Tuesday's Turkey & Pie Crafting Dies.  I created a focal point by repeatedly stamping some of the little text from the Happy Thanksgiving Stamp Set.  It's super easy to do, and I just eyeballed it with use a grid lined acrylic block.
I popped up one of the dies and the card was done.  So simple, so easy, so fun.  And a great way to get some use out of the itty bitty sentiments in a set.
Happy sigh.  It is always such a blessing to have time to create, and I'm looking forward to popping these in the mail.  Technique Tuesday has some great thank you and Thanksgiving themed stamps.  And guess what?  They are having a sale on them right now until Thursday, October 24.  just go HERE and use the code Thanks19 when you checkout. Happy shopping and happy rest of the week friends. :)