Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy {belated} Birthday, Anita!

The wonderful Anita celebrated her birthday February 18th and unfortunately some of us didn't know until it was too late.  So I was thrilled when Bev and Darnell organized a surprise party in her honor and invited me to participate!  (Go here to check out all the details.) I haven't been able to craft at all in over a month, so I was a bit nervous making my card.  However, I knew I wanted to make a card inspired by Anita, since this party is all about her. :) I could have chosen any card on her blog, but I went with this beauty.
Here's how I was inspired:
textured cardstock
one layer (I did try though my good intentions were foiled by some ink bleeding...)

A lot of these elements are things that I've been loving lately about Anita's cards, so it seemed fitting.  And truth be told, I used this as inspiration as well...remember what I said about being nervous...I calm my nerves with lots of inspiration/direction.  You'll have to take my word that the second and third colors are actually very different...one is orange and the other is a golden yellow.  I'm not sure why they look the same in the photos.  I tried taking pictures on different days and in different lighting, but no matter what I did, I couldn't capture the distinction between the colors. It really does look like a rainbow. :)

Anita, I hope you enjoy today (hence the sentiment on the card) and feel special knowing you are loved by many!  It took someone I appreciate and admire greatly to pull me out of my crafty break.  Wishing you the happiest (belated) birthday ever! :)
P.S. Mom, thanks so much for searching for and sending me these new inks!  I'm so glad I finally got a chance to use them.  Love you!
ETA: I had a couple inquiries on how I made this.  I used PTI's Super Stripes Stamp Set and stamped on watercolor paper using some really juicy Heidi Swapp inks.  I double stamped the first stripe in each color to get a slightly darker shade.  Then I used SU's aqua painter to brush over each stripe with water.  And that's it. :) Super simple.