Monday, November 27, 2023

One Last Autumn Thanks + Some Tools I'm Excited About


Hello, friends!  I'm sneaking in one last autumn card before I say goodbye to the season.  (If I hadn't totally forgotten to share this card it would have been here a lot sooner!)  A little while back Waffle Flower offered to send me some goodies to try including their new grip mat and 0+ Shader Brushes (plus being the important part).  So generous of them, and let me just tell you...they are AMAZING!!!  I already feel like I can't live without either one.  I've never had such a stress-free experience blending with stencils.  The grip mat keeps everything secure.  As in my card base and stencil  It's also awesome in the Misti.  I am amazed that I don't need any kind of magnet or tape to hold my paper down.  I liked the grip mat so much that I actually ordered a second one.  

And these teeny tiny 0+ brushes are exactly what I was missing for my ever-increasing detailed stencils.  They soak up color really quickly and blend with ease.  Previously, I've always struggled to get the ink in really tiny, detailed stencils, especially with out bending the stencil.  I used them to blend this super cool stencil/die duo from Waffle Flower - Fall Leaves Background Stencil and Pop-up Fall Leaves Panel Die.  You die cut the panel and the stencil fits perfectly over top.  The pop-up feature adds the coolest dimension.  

Now you may notice a little bleeding around some of my leaves...that had more to do with a really watery spray I used that I didn't let dry enough before I picked up the card.  Oops!  I used Waffle Flower's Retro Outline Alpha Die to create my sentiment.  I bought this set years ago and am wondering why I don't use these dies more often.  They were just what this card needed. 

Can we talk for a second about this color combination?  I made a color swatch for it months ago but forgot all about it.  The colors are Eggplant, Briar Rose, Tidepool, Juniper, Spiced Cider, and Nectar (all Concord & 9th), and I'm totally smitten.  

This card just makes me smile.  And so do these colors.  And so do these tools.  Can you live without these tools?  Yes.  But now that I have tried them, would I want to?  No.  And they absolutely did not ask me to write this.  I am just so excited I feel like shouting it from the rooftops.  Thanks so much for visiting (and listening) today! :D

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