Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Stockings

This post is mostly for my family (I promised I would show them the finished product), and it explains a lot about where my very limited crafting time has been spent over the last month.  We were one stocking short this year, and when I saw Camille Roskelley's Merry stocking pattern (love her!), I decided I had to make all of us new stockings.  Let me preface this by saying that I am not a quilter and hardly a sewer, so this task was pretty ambitious.  Thankfully, one of my sisters loves quilting (and is amazing at it), so she helped a ton with the quilting part on the chevron and the pinwheel stockings.  And this tutorial was amazing if you are thinking of sewing anything with hexagons.  I don't think I could have done done the hexagon stocking without it.  Her tutorial made the pattern directions make sense, and maybe even simplified it a bit.  I love the fabrics I used, and I'm mostly pleased with the way they turned out (although I only finished them two days before Christmas, so there was no time to actually quilt them).  The only major snag was having to make up my own way to attach the cuff and tag (and I'm sure if I knew more about sewing the cuff directions would have made sense and I wouldn't have had to make my own version up.)  Okay, enough chit chat.  Here are the stockings.

My favorite....this was the most labor intensive because the hexagons are completely sewn by hand, but I love how it turned out and so does my husband (which is good because it is his stocking.)
The cuff bugs me on this one, but it's my fault because I was determined to work this fabric in because I love it so much.  I'll probably redo this one.  I really love how this stocking looks (pom-poms and all...wish I'd seen it before I did mine.)
This isn't a great picture, but I love how this one turned out, too...though I wish I had paid more attention to the way the penguins were facing when I did the cuff.
One final shot of them all. :)


  1. I think they turned out awesome. I still can't believe you sewed the whole hexagon one by hind. I have always been nervous to try it.

  2. Great stockings, Lindsey! I love the hexagons and the chevron stripes!